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PPP005 Pinheadz Pinball PODcast ep5. Talking Pinball v Playing Pinball

This episode the tyranny of distance doesn’t stop Aussie Pinheadz being part of the US Pinball Festival season! We’ll investigate just how good a pinball show needs to be, to warrant travelling 13,500km to attend.

Find out what our Aussie Pinhead in Texas asked Steve Richie that got him all fired up.

Who are the all time great rock bands finally getting the call up to feature in a pin?

After losing one of the industry’s greats on April 9th, we celebrate the life & games of legendary pinball designer/artist Python Angelo.

Following Rod’s amazement that someone ran a fair dinkum pinball auction on eBay…we ask the question “Do Pinheadz actually use eBay”?

Pintech Stevie’s on a hat trick of potentially lifesaving pinball safety tips, Gaz is buying EM’s he doesn’t have room (or authorisation from the missus) for and Former IFPA Australian No.1 Pete Menzel is this episode’s guest co-host.

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So join broadcaster Rod Cuddihy, Federal Government IT expert Gary Christiansen & professional pinball technician Steve Hyde for Americana from Down Under, in episode 5 of The Pinheadz Pinball PODcast!

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PPP004 Pinheadz Pinball PODcast! ep.4 The NEWEST pinball manufacturer V the NEWEST pinball code update!

The man behind the industry’s newest pinball manufacturer (and Australia’s first pin in over 30 years) – Mike Kalinowski speaks exclusively about building a pinball factory from the ground up, the THUNDERBIRDS PINBALL MACHINE & what else will be on the production line at HOMEPIN PINBALL!

METALLICA PINBALL has virtually become another game overnight with the biggest code update in pinball history…BUT IS IT A GOOD THING FOR THE INDUSTRY?

A new pic of DIRTY DONNY and GARY STERN prompts the boy’s to play PINBALL DETECTIVE once again. Can the clues scattered across the world wide web lead us to what’s next out of STERN PINBALL?

In the countdown to this year’s release of  The Lord Of The Rings Pinball’s sequel – The Hobbit…we play another round of THE PINBALL SEQUEL OFF!

With pinball’s most successful designer – Pat Lawlor beginning work on an unlicensed theme we take a look at the TOP10 UNLICENSED PINBALL THEMES EVER!

We ask – where have the $2K pins gone? And PINTECH STEVIE delivers another potentially lifesaving PINTECH TIP!

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So join broadcaster Rod Cuddihy, Federal Government IT expert Gary Christiansen & professional pinball technician Steve Hyde for Americana from Down Under, in episode 4 of The Pinheadz Pinball PODcast!

PPP003: Pinheadz Pinball PODcast ep3 – The Greatest v The Newest

It’s a monster month in this episode of The Pinheadz PODcast as we celebrate the return of pinball’s most successful designer – Pat Lawlor! We cross to SKIT B Pinball HQ in Michigan for an exclusive chat with head Designer Kevin Kulek. Oscar from Pinball Memories recruits us to unload a shipping container full of pinball machines…and we kick off round 1 of the Pinball Sequel Off!

PPP002: Pinheadz Pinball PODcast ep2 – The Mustang vs The Dude

It’s the first episode of 2014 & it’s the first time in a long time that two new pinball titles have been announced in the one month! But will STERN’s 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang appeal to pinball fans or will STERN have to rely upon Mustang fans? In this instalment of The Pinheadz PODcast we track down a Mustang collecting pinball enthusiast for the answer.

The other big news in Pinball comes from the Netherlands with the announcement that 16 years after the release of The Big Lebowski film, the pinball machine is about to be built.

As well as visiting ‘Australian Pinball Restorations’ in Melbourne where the son of Australia’s first pinball operator, is resurrecting the very games he thought he may never see again.

And we’ll also cross to Geoff Fraser in the Victorian seaside town of Inverloch for a genuine rarity on this side of the world…a home use only pin from 1989. LINK: frastrac.com.au

PLUS, the Australian connection with STERN’s Metallica table…as well as one of Australia’s top pinball machine operators revealing once and for all – is there money to be made putting pins on site in Oz?

It’s a look at the greatest pass time on earth & the Pinheadz who loving playing it…It’s Americana, from Down Under…it’s The Pinheadz Pinball PODcast.

PPP001: Welcome to the first episode of the Pinheadz Pinball PODcast!

Rod, Gaz & Pinball Stevie reflect on where their love of pinball started in Australia, before declaring 2013 – YEAR OF THE PINBALL PODCAST! The team then look at the impact social media has on marketing pinball in 2013/14, before debating “WHAT WAS THE BIGGEST THING IN PINBALL FOR 2013″. And the nominees are…

  • METALLICA LE selling out in hours
  • WIZARD OF OZ begins shipping
  • The emergence of an Australian pinball manufacturer with the THUNDERBIRDS LICENCE
  • Planetary Pinball putting MEDIEVIL MADNESS back into production

Finally a look forward to next year & next episode leaves us wondering could 2014 be bigger than 2013…NO WAY! Or could it?

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