PPP001: Welcome to the first episode of the Pinheadz Pinball PODcast!

Rod, Gaz & Pinball Stevie reflect on where their love of pinball started in Australia, before declaring 2013 – YEAR OF THE PINBALL PODCAST! The team then look at the impact social media has on marketing pinball in 2013/14, before debating “WHAT WAS THE BIGGEST THING IN PINBALL FOR 2013″. And the nominees are…

  • METALLICA LE selling out in hours
  • WIZARD OF OZ begins shipping
  • The emergence of an Australian pinball manufacturer with the THUNDERBIRDS LICENCE
  • Planetary Pinball putting MEDIEVIL MADNESS back into production

Finally a look forward to next year & next episode leaves us wondering could 2014 be bigger than 2013…NO WAY! Or could it?

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