Pinheadz 20! #BPG…Before Pokemon GO!

00:00:00 INTRO In memoriam of Australia’s coin op pioneer Dante Zambello.

00:03:00 COMING UP in Pinheadz 20

00:08:16 WE CALL IT. Our tip for STERN PINBALL’s next title release.

00:13:00 GAZ’s Gamesroom Update.

00:17:25 PINTECH STEVIE’s rare European Gottlieb Black Hole

00:24:50 Why ROD is selling his STERN WWE LE No.27…and others!

00:33:50 LOW BALLS…should we be offended by Low Ball offers?

00:39:16 THUNDERBIRDS Pinball saga update.

00:56:14 PABST Can Crusher…the most unexpected pinball machine of the millennium.

01:12:00 STERN Pinball & Virtual Pinball

01:16:40 PABST Price & Distribution revealed

01:21:27 The rock band pinball rumour mill.

01:26:28 POKEMON GO…yes or no?!?

01:30:15 Now we’re seeing them – MEDIEVAL MADNESS remake…yes or no?!?

01:36:55 A crash course in Aussie slang for international listeners.

01:44:45 COLOR DMD are on fire!

01:54:55 Pinball in Pop Culture spotted in FRIENDS.

01:57:20 Thanks

02:05:55 Wrap up!

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