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PPPo17. Pinheadz pinball PODcast ep17! WORLD CHAMPION edition!

0:01        HAPPY HOLIDAYS…Here’s what’s coming up in PINHEADZ 17!

7:30        LOOKING BACK at arguably pinball’s greatest artist Gordon Morrison.

19:05     Will Gaz’s gameroom construction be complete before Christmas 2015 or 2016?

24:00     Rod & Stevie perform a playfield swap on a 1996 CAPCOM BREAKSHOT!

30:22     ROB ZOMBIE’S SPOOKSHOW INTERNATIONAL has been revealed…how does it look & is Rod getting one?

46:40     SPOOKY PINBALL quietly announce DOMINOS PIZZA the pinball machine. What will be in it?

58:26     Australian IFPA World Championship competitor Greg Siegele joins INTERNATIONAL PINBALL FLIPPER ASSOC President Josh Sharpe in preparation for the World Championships.

1:09:40  STERN PINBALL rumour mill…can they bring SPIDERMAN out of the vault if the original licensing agreement has expired?

1:15:50  AND…STERN PINBALL rumour mill! Will their first game in 2016 be GHOSBUSTERS?

1:22:40  Greg Siegele with history’s first Non American Pinball World Champion back in 2007, Jorian Engelbrektsson – current WORLD NUMBER 1! He’s joined by former world number 1 Mats Runsten following qualifying at this year’s IFPA World Champs.

1:38:00  Reorchestrating the sound packages of classic pins thanks to PIN SOUND! What has Rod got set in his sights?

1:50:48  Greg Siegele in Sweden with Linus Parson who’s part of a Swedish conglomerate sharing the rent on a warehouse where they’ve all pooled their pins to form an amazing venue.

1:57:20  The world’s only Pinball Gameshow – POWERDRAIN!!!

2:06:00  PINBALL NEWS editor Martin Ayub with Greg Siegele on the site’s humble beginnings & the vision for the future!

2:16:50  Listenr feedback including BROKEN TOKEN PODCAST questions & AUSSIE’ISMS explained…sort of.

2:25:19  What is pinball’s Epstien Cup? IFPA President Josh Sharpe explains.

2:30:10  Reigning IFPA Pinball World Champion Daniele Celestino Acciari chats with Greg!