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PPP005 Pinheadz Pinball PODcast ep5. Talking Pinball v Playing Pinball

This episode the tyranny of distance doesn’t stop Aussie Pinheadz being part of the US Pinball Festival season! We’ll investigate just how good a pinball show needs to be, to warrant travelling 13,500km to attend.

Find out what our Aussie Pinhead in Texas asked Steve Richie that got him all fired up.

Who are the all time great rock bands finally getting the call up to feature in a pin?

After losing one of the industry’s greats on April 9th, we celebrate the life & games of legendary pinball designer/artist Python Angelo.

Following Rod’s amazement that someone ran a fair dinkum pinball auction on eBay…we ask the question “Do Pinheadz actually use eBay”?

Pintech Stevie’s on a hat trick of potentially lifesaving pinball safety tips, Gaz is buying EM’s he doesn’t have room (or authorisation from the missus) for and Former IFPA Australian No.1 Pete Menzel is this episode’s guest co-host.

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So join broadcaster Rod Cuddihy, Federal Government IT expert Gary Christiansen & professional pinball technician Steve Hyde for Americana from Down Under, in episode 5 of The Pinheadz Pinball PODcast!