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2017…the year in pinball wrapped up in a neat little package! Just in time for Christmas!

It hasn’t been this difficult to decide who gets our hard earned dollar for at least 2 decades. With Jersey Jack announcing ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Pinball 2018 & STERN announcing ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Pinball…are we witnessing the beginning of the first true pinball battle since Bally/Williams VS Data East?

Join Pinball Collector – Rod Cuddihy, Pin Hunter – Gary Christiansen & Pinball Technician – Pintech Stevie for a unique perspective on the greatest pastime on earth. It’s Americana from Down Under – it’s The Pinheadz Pinball PODcast!

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Join Rod, Gaz & Pintech Stevie as they explore PINBALL NEWS & LIFE from the collectors, players & builders.

Episode 23 takes a look at the big releases & developments of 2017…STERN Pinball’s ‘Star Wars’ & ‘Aerosmith’. Spooky Pinball’s ‘Rob Zombie’s spook Show International’, ‘Alice Cooper’ & ‘The Jetsons’. PLUS a parade of boutique titles.

Cos we #LOVEpinball




00:00:00 INTRO…the greatest Christmas present EVER!

00:04:04 GAZ’S GAMEROOM CONCLUSION…or is it?

00:11:28 PINBALL IN THE BEDROOM…the true test of a relationship.

00:17:10 WARNING! ELECTROMECHANICAL AHEAD! 1968 Williams Hayburner II update.

00:25:16 GAZ’s INTERNATIONAL ADVENTURING. 1 degree of Jersey Jack & Melbourne Barcades.

00:34:45 WHEN TO STOP RESTORING & START REPLACING. Plus, Gaz announces he wants a 2016 STERN Ghostbusters!


01:04:04 VIRTUAL PINBALL. The Stern Pinball Arcade is released for PS4 & X BOX.


01:16:44 SLASH IS BACK…SORT OF! Did he help the STERN pinball book get realised?

01:20:48 LIVE UNBOXING…of Pinball Magazine issue 4.

01:30:10 CORRESPONDENCE…pinball in Sth Africa & filler material.





00:00:00 INTRO

00:05:25 Welcome to Pinheadz 21…GAZ’s Game Room Update

00:14:30 STERN reveal BATMAN 66 PINBALL


01:00:30 JERSEY JACK PINBALL reveal Pat Lawlor’s comeback game DIALED IN

01:24:15 Pinheadz roadtrip to NEWCASTLE PINFEST 2016, Stevie’s new pins & Rod’s departed ones.

01:49:57 Why Aerosmith deserve the pinball machine that will be announced in 2017

02:01:03 Former Williams Software Engineer Duncan Brown’s quest to save the lost playfield designs of Harry Williams.

02:03:35 Rod’s in on the Kickstarter for “30 Years Of Stern”…the coffee table book.

02:07:00 Farewell…Happy Flipping!

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So join broadcaster Rod Cuddihy, international pinball hunter Gary Christiansen & professional pinball technician Steve Hyde for Americana from Down Under, in episode 21 of The Pinheadz Pinball PODcast!


Pinheadz 20! #BPG…Before Pokemon GO!

00:00:00 INTRO In memoriam of Australia’s coin op pioneer Dante Zambello.

00:03:00 COMING UP in Pinheadz 20

00:08:16 WE CALL IT. Our tip for STERN PINBALL’s next title release.

00:13:00 GAZ’s Gamesroom Update.

00:17:25 PINTECH STEVIE’s rare European Gottlieb Black Hole

00:24:50 Why ROD is selling his STERN WWE LE No.27…and others!

00:33:50 LOW BALLS…should we be offended by Low Ball offers?

00:39:16 THUNDERBIRDS Pinball saga update.

00:56:14 PABST Can Crusher…the most unexpected pinball machine of the millennium.

01:12:00 STERN Pinball & Virtual Pinball

01:16:40 PABST Price & Distribution revealed

01:21:27 The rock band pinball rumour mill.

01:26:28 POKEMON GO…yes or no?!?

01:30:15 Now we’re seeing them – MEDIEVAL MADNESS remake…yes or no?!?

01:36:55 A crash course in Aussie slang for international listeners.

01:44:45 COLOR DMD are on fire!

01:54:55 Pinball in Pop Culture spotted in FRIENDS.

01:57:20 Thanks pinballsupernova.com

02:05:55 Wrap up!


Pinheadz19! PINBALL BUILDING…don’t try this at home!

00:00:00 INTRO Back story to 1960’s Sci Fi TV series Thunderbirds & how the Thunderbirds pin was born…PLUS what’s coming up in Pinheadz 19!

00:05:05 WELCOME

00:07:00 HOMEPIN boss Mike Kalinowski on Thunderbirds Pinball production delay & timeline moving forward.

00:41:50 What did we learn from the HOMEPIN interview…

00:47:30 STERN Pinball release John Trudeau’s 40th production game…Ghostbusters.

01:16:10 International Pin Hunting update from Gaz.

01:20:43 What’s in Pintech Stevie’s Shed?

01:24:38 The PINHEADZ T-Shirt is unveiled!

01:28:10 Guest Pinheadz PODcast reporter Dr John Cosson interviews STERN Pinball boss Gary Stern at ‘Pincade’ New Zealand.

01:59:45 Spooky Pinball have built Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International #001!

02:06:30 Color DMDs are addictive!


PINheadz Spidey

PPPo18. Pinheadz Pinball PODcast ep18! SPIDEY vs ALIEN

  • Who deserves EPISODE 18 top billing…SPIDERMAN vs ALIEN?
  • ALIEN Pinball playfield analysis.
  • SPIDERMAN VAULT EDITION review…& pricing reaction!
  • If you had to buy a NIB 2016 release…WHAT WOULD IT BE?
  • GAZ’s Games Room construction update!
  • STEVIE’s cocktail cab production line.
  • Virtual high 5 to Pavlov Pinball!
  • A toast to the Broken Token PODcast!
  • Pinball on OZ TV…Weekend Sunrise crosses to Tassie, Weekend Today goes to Coogee Diggers & Geoff Fraser reveals MAD MAX Pinball!
  • Special delivery from Domino’s Pizza USA!
  • Tribute to David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glen Frey & Lemmy Kilmister.
  • Pinball In Popular Culture Spotting…THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN!
  • Happy Flipping!
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PPPo17. Pinheadz pinball PODcast ep17! WORLD CHAMPION edition!

0:01        HAPPY HOLIDAYS…Here’s what’s coming up in PINHEADZ 17!

7:30        LOOKING BACK at arguably pinball’s greatest artist Gordon Morrison.

19:05     Will Gaz’s gameroom construction be complete before Christmas 2015 or 2016?

24:00     Rod & Stevie perform a playfield swap on a 1996 CAPCOM BREAKSHOT!

30:22     ROB ZOMBIE’S SPOOKSHOW INTERNATIONAL has been revealed…how does it look & is Rod getting one?

46:40     SPOOKY PINBALL quietly announce DOMINOS PIZZA the pinball machine. What will be in it?

58:26     Australian IFPA World Championship competitor Greg Siegele joins INTERNATIONAL PINBALL FLIPPER ASSOC President Josh Sharpe in preparation for the World Championships.

1:09:40  STERN PINBALL rumour mill…can they bring SPIDERMAN out of the vault if the original licensing agreement has expired?

1:15:50  AND…STERN PINBALL rumour mill! Will their first game in 2016 be GHOSBUSTERS?

1:22:40  Greg Siegele with history’s first Non American Pinball World Champion back in 2007, Jorian Engelbrektsson – current WORLD NUMBER 1! He’s joined by former world number 1 Mats Runsten following qualifying at this year’s IFPA World Champs.

1:38:00  Reorchestrating the sound packages of classic pins thanks to PIN SOUND! What has Rod got set in his sights?

1:50:48  Greg Siegele in Sweden with Linus Parson who’s part of a Swedish conglomerate sharing the rent on a warehouse where they’ve all pooled their pins to form an amazing venue.

1:57:20  The world’s only Pinball Gameshow – POWERDRAIN!!!

2:06:00  PINBALL NEWS editor Martin Ayub with Greg Siegele on the site’s humble beginnings & the vision for the future!

2:16:50  Listenr feedback including BROKEN TOKEN PODCAST questions & AUSSIE’ISMS explained…sort of.

2:25:19  What is pinball’s Epstien Cup? IFPA President Josh Sharpe explains.

2:30:10  Reigning IFPA Pinball World Champion Daniele Celestino Acciari chats with Greg!


PPP016 logo2

PPPo16. Pinheadz Pinball PODcast ep16! PINBALL EXPO 2015 SPECIAL!

Chicago Pinball EXPO 2015 jammed into 2 hours of the biggest names & biggest news of the event!

GAZ’s Gamesroom construction report…stuff is actually happening!

First ever tour of PINTECH STEVIE’S personal Gottlieb wedge head collection!

Why has ROD begun the search for a Back To The Future Pinball machine?

STERN PINBALL boss Gary Stern may have let slip his plans for China manufacture!

Just how far back will the STERN PINBALL re-released games actually go?

JERSEY JACK is a new man! What does a leaner, meaner JJP mean for world pinball?

How to make money out of location pinball again.

Jaap from DUTCH PINBALL delivers some straight talking on THE BIG LEBOWSKI PIN!

Where is PYTHON’S PINBALL CIRCUS at? Will it definitely go into production?

The moment that nearly brought ROGER SHARPE - THE MAN WHO SAVED PINBALL to tears!

World’s only pinball game show POWER DRAIN returns with Manu ‘Spudz’ Smith for it’s best instalment yet!

PINBALL IN POPULAR CULTURE SPOTTING! Bathurst 1000, Back To The Future & Six Million Dollar Man.

The No.1 pin on location in the US right now is…


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So join broadcaster Rod Cuddihy, international pinball hunter Gary Christiansen & professional pinball technician Steve Hyde for Americana from Down Under, in episode 16 of The Pinheadz Pinball PODcast!