The Pinheadz Pinball PODcast is Americana from Down Under…a look at the past, present & future of pinball with the Pinheadz who love playing it!


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  1. Hey boys,

    I’m an Aussie originally from the outer suburbs of Melbourne, but for the last 6-7 years have been living in upstate New York (my wife was born and raised out here). Not only is New York a real Mecca for pinball out on location, but where I live is about a 30 minute drive from Steve Young’s PB Resource shop. I heard on your last podcast you were having issues paying for/receiving delivery of Steve’s stuff. Given that I live so close to his shop and can easily cut a check to pay for his wares, let me know if there’s any way I can help out my fellow Aussie brethren. I have Paypal set up and would be happy to play middle man so you can get your parts more easily. I don’t know if there are any conflicts with any of this, and I’d want to be upfront with Steve as to what I’m doing, but let me know what I can do to help.

    Love the show BTW – great to get a perspective on pinball that is outside of the US. I particularly enjoyed the interview with the Thunderbirds guy and the general conversation about how the only way these machines can be made in an affordable way these days is to build them in China. I know Nate Shivers at Coast to Coast has some strong views about this stuff – he’s very pro on building the machines in the US, and based on his experience in the guitar industry is skeptical of quality coming out of China. You guys have given each other shoutouts on your respective shows – maybe a joint podcast with a round table discussion on the future of pinball manufacturing?

    Just thinking out loud. Keep up the great work


    • Really appreciate the post Alan!! Apologies for not featuring it in EP.5 but we’ll definitely discuss EP.6! Very generous offer re the PB Resource too…cheers Rod

  2. Hey just a correction on your comment. You talked about mark ritchie wanting a talking fish on top of fish tales. Although many may have envisioned that’s what it should have been, if you listen to his interview on topcast he said that was never the intent. Not only would it have been too expensive, because pinball typically isn’t turned up on location, it would have been pointless to use voice callouts. With that said, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone created a mod where a voice callout is based on whatever GI light is turned on, and the fish motor is synced with that.

    • G’day Joe, excellent attention to detail mate…it will be discussed in EP.6! Love your PINBALL PODCAST contributions too man! Really appreciate you listening – cheers Rod

  3. Hi,

    Great show guys. I’ve only just discovered it and listed to a shows 4 and 5. Very informative and entertaining. Can’t wait to see pictures of The Thunderbirds. Good on that Aussie bloke!

    I used to own a Gottlieb EM Duotron, which I played as a kid n the seventies, and now own a T2.

    Something to talk about on the show would be why Twilight Zone is ranked number 1 game in the world. I wonder what the fascination is with it? I s it the rules, the cross-field play, or simply the reputation of the designer? Interesting.

    Looking forward to the next podcast!

    Andrew in Sydney

    • Thanks Andrew! Good question re TZ too…I’ll be interested to hear the boys thoughts. I’ll put it too them in EP6. Thanks for listening – cheers Rod

  4. Hey guys, just wanted to comment and say we at the Lock is Lit Podcast love your show and cannot wait for episode 6. We just finished episode 5 of our show, and made sure to give you guys a good well deserved shout out. Although we have struggled with audio quality, your show has inspired us keep at it, and I’m glad to say episode 5 sounds pretty darn good, if I do say so myself! Keep up the good work guys!

    Marc Johnston

  5. Hi guys,

    Yet another great pod cast. Thanks!! I can’t remember if you’ve talked to the orgasnisers of this event or not but it would be interesting to here from them. There doesn’t seem to be any movement on their website.


    • Thanks Andrew…yeah, we’ve mentioned it a few times but haven’t been able to get the organisers on yet. Obviously getting a few hundred games together is taking some time – but I am chasing! I think we’ll take a look at their EXPO games list in EPISODE 7 though – so stay tuned. Re their website – you’re right, there hasn’t been a lot going on but I did recieve the reciept for my 3 day Expo Pass last week. So it looks like they’re beginning to ramp up. SHOULD BE AWESOME! Rod

  6. Guys,

    Great podcast. Those of us here in the US are so used to being able to get parts and such from here and Europe its interesting to hear some of the difficulties you have getting parts. I’ve also done some reading on prices there – wow, we are lucky indeed.

    Keep up the good work and love listening to your show.


    • Thanks Tim, really appreciate you listening mate. It definitely costs a bit to get parts all the way from the US…but that distance just makes it even more satisfying when we get to go there for holidays (never enough, but awesome when we do). Cheers – Rod

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