PPPoo6 Pinheadz Pinball PODcast ep6! Pinball Pimping v Pinball Pizza

Is the lone MAD MAX pinball machine the most extreme ‘pin pimp out’ ever? Geoff Fraser joins us to reveal all about his amazing creation.

Williams Pinball’s greatest game goes into production at STERN. Are we getting closer to a pinball factory reinstating a night shift on the production line?

We get serious about Virtual Pinball and graduate from playing on the iPhone. Aussie VP builder Sam Vicario gives us a lesson in full size Virtual Pinball construction.

DUTCH PINBALL reveal the Big Lebowski Pinball sub playfield! We look at how it stacks up against the great sub play fields of all time?

Classic Playfield Reproductions finally have an Australian distributor! Niño from Australian Pinball Restorations calls in to discuss what the good news means for us..

Will PinTech Stevie have to change his name to PinWizard Stevie?

What’s a Zine? SLAM TILT ZINE editor Tilt Wilson explains why pinball in print is better than a BLOG.

And we discover what’s on an ELVIRA PIZZA!

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So join broadcaster Rod Cuddihy, Federal Government IT expert Gary Christiansen & professional pinball technician Steve Hyde for Americana from Down Under, in episode 6 of The Pinheadz Pinball PODcast!

5 thoughts on “PPPoo6 Pinheadz Pinball PODcast ep6! Pinball Pimping v Pinball Pizza

  1. Another great episode team.

    Just some feedback about the Sega games you mentioned in episode 6 and why they weren’t popular, especially back in the day. One word – Williams. Those Sega machines came out when Williams were at the top of their game. (There was also competition from Gottlieb and eventually Capcom.) I played them all back then, the Williams games were always or nearly always much better. So back in the day, they weren’t as good as most of the Williams/Bally’s. However when you look at them on their own look you did – yeah they weren’t so bad after all. I used to play Star Wars Trilogy a lot. And played Frankenstein at the local Chinese takeaways whenever I could. I did find them slow though.

    You also talked about the different innovations Sega did on the games like the Showcase backglass and bigger DMD. It was all about competition. Unfortunately for Sega, Williams didn’t follow on those two and they had to scale back. Joe Kaminkow talked about this at Pinball Expo 96 (the only one I’ve been to – photos).

    One last thing. There was a Atari Hercules at a local arcade (called Silver Ball Palace!) here in Wellington, New Zealand back in the early eighties. That thing was huge, but sooooo slow to play. Our money was going into Black Knight, Fire power, Eight Ball deluxe instead. :)

    Keep up the great work.

    Mike (aka @kiwifrenzy on the Twitter)

    • KIWIFRENZY! Great to hear from you mate – and thanks for a great message! I cant imagine a better year to have gone to EXPO in Chicago…the design teams were arguably the best of all time! GREAT PICS! And thanks for the tweets. Cheers – Rod

  2. Hi Rod awesome job on the shows. I need your email address so I can send photos of my 30 machine collection. By the way I’m the guy who had bought the capt. America ,yeah it was a capt. Fantastic, I’ll send you the photos if you like it was practically given to me considering the price I paid . The purchase is another one of those thrill of the chase purchases. The machine is in really good nick. Look forward to hearing from you Rod

    Perth W.A

    • ADRIAN! That’s awesome that you picked up that Capt Fantastic! You know it’s a small world when you hear your new game being discussed on a PODcast. I’d love to see the collection – I’ll private message you. Cheers – Rod

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