Pinheadz19! PINBALL BUILDING…don’t try this at home!

00:00:00 INTRO Back story to 1960’s Sci Fi TV series Thunderbirds & how the Thunderbirds pin was born…PLUS what’s coming up in Pinheadz 19!

00:05:05 WELCOME

00:07:00 HOMEPIN boss Mike Kalinowski on Thunderbirds Pinball production delay & timeline moving forward.

00:41:50 What did we learn from the HOMEPIN interview…

00:47:30 STERN Pinball release John Trudeau’s 40th production game…Ghostbusters.

01:16:10 International Pin Hunting update from Gaz.

01:20:43 What’s in Pintech Stevie’s Shed?

01:24:38 The PINHEADZ T-Shirt is unveiled!

01:28:10 Guest Pinheadz PODcast reporter Dr John Cosson interviews STERN Pinball boss Gary Stern at ‘Pincade’ New Zealand.

01:59:45 Spooky Pinball have built Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International #001!

02:06:30 Color DMDs are addictive!


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