PPP002: Pinheadz Pinball PODcast ep2 – The Mustang vs The Dude

It’s the first episode of 2014 & it’s the first time in a long time that two new pinball titles have been announced in the one month! But will STERN’s 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang appeal to pinball fans or will STERN have to rely upon Mustang fans? In this instalment of The Pinheadz PODcast we track down a Mustang collecting pinball enthusiast for the answer.

The other big news in Pinball comes from the Netherlands with the announcement that 16 years after the release of The Big Lebowski film, the pinball machine is about to be built.

As well as visiting ‘Australian Pinball Restorations’ in Melbourne where the son of Australia’s first pinball operator, is resurrecting the very games he thought he may never see again.

And we’ll also cross to Geoff Fraser in the Victorian seaside town of Inverloch for a genuine rarity on this side of the world…a home use only pin from 1989. LINK: frastrac.com.au

PLUS, the Australian connection with STERN’s Metallica table…as well as one of Australia’s top pinball machine operators revealing once and for all – is there money to be made putting pins on site in Oz?

It’s a look at the greatest pass time on earth & the Pinheadz who loving playing it…It’s Americana, from Down Under…it’s The Pinheadz Pinball PODcast.

3 thoughts on “PPP002: Pinheadz Pinball PODcast ep2 – The Mustang vs The Dude

  1. Hey there guys. Just referencing your comment about coloured balls and the machine detecting the pinball, Zen Pinball HD (a fantasy video game on PS3, iOS, Android) has already done it.

    Sure, it is a digital pinball, but the idea has already been implemented (virtually).

    It’s a hell of a lot of fun to play.

  2. In regards to Stern and the resurgence in pinball in recent years, Gary cited an interesting fact in a video game podcast.

    Turns out that when Farsight Studios released Ripley’s Believe It or Not, table prices for that particular table soared, and STERN found that they were getting quite a few requests for that table.

    I’m really enjoying the podcast. You guys have a great rapport, and the topics you cover are really interesting.

  3. Guys! Awesome show. I like the amount of depth your show offers… keep it up! kidchrisso on pinside. Cheers Mate!

    St. Louis, Missouri

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