PPP003: Pinheadz Pinball PODcast ep3 – The Greatest v The Newest

It’s a monster month in this episode of The Pinheadz PODcast as we celebrate the return of pinball’s most successful designer – Pat Lawlor! We cross to SKIT B Pinball HQ in Michigan for an exclusive chat with head Designer Kevin Kulek. Oscar from Pinball Memories recruits us to unload a shipping container full of pinball machines…and we kick off round 1 of the Pinball Sequel Off!

2 thoughts on “PPP003: Pinheadz Pinball PODcast ep3 – The Greatest v The Newest

  1. A really good listen. Good mix of banter and interviews. Heaps of interesting facts and info about pinballs in general.
    Keep them going.

  2. Hey guys. Just a heads-up that there is actually a WoZ on the floor in Timezone Surfers Paradise. But the thing is out for the count at the moment. It is awaiting parts, because it must be getting absolutely _slayed_. I would take the trip from North Brisbane to Surfers to play it if it was guaranteed to be operational.

    This place also has a Start Trek LE and Metallica LE (from memory).

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